“Toilet With Bed”: Photo Of Delhi Room Available For Rent Goes Viral

'Toilet With Bed': Photo Of Delhi Room Available For Rent Goes Viral

The Reddit post showing the room has gone viral.

A photo of a tiny room is going viral on social media and left the users shocked. The pic is part of a Reddit post that claims the room is situated in in Delhi’s Greater Kailash area and the person who has posted it, has asked online users how much rent they will pay for it. GK, as the area is known, is one of the posh localities in Delhi and known for big bungalows. The post has received more than 1,100 votes and 600 comments.

The photo, which goes against the image of GK, shows a green wall and small bed with a table fan. The room also has an air conditioner but what has shocked Reddit users is that the bathroom is present in the same room.

What’s the max rent you would pay for this kind of place in GK2?
by u/supermarketblues in delhi

The photo shows a western commode right next to the shower cubicle.

NDTV cannot verify the authenticity of the photo.

But the post has amused Reddit users, who have posted a barrage of comments.

“That’s a toilet with bed,” commented one user. “It’s a toied,” said another.

“That’s a prison with extra space and facilities,” a third user said.

A few years ago, photo of New York’s “worst apartment ever” had gone viral. The rent was apparently $1,650 a month with the tiny area missing a toilet or an oven.

The clip of the apartment first appeared on TikTok and viewed more than 21 million times. It was posted by a realtor in New York.

The realtor told news agency AFP the apartment is in the West Village but declined to give the exact address for fear of offending the landlord.

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