Top baby names parents Google to check if they’re socially acceptable

Zelda, Barbie and King are just a few of the names parents-to-be have been Googling this year to find out if they’re acceptable monikers for their new arrival

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Parents looking for a more unusual name to give to their child have ended up searching online to see if it’s acceptable

Naming a baby is a huge decision and can be a tough one to make. Many parents find it helpful to write a list of their favourite names for a boy and for a girl to help them mull it over, while others prefer to make a last-minute decision upon arrival.

However some parents looking for a more unique choice have had to resort to Googling the name to check its meaning and origin or even if it’s socially acceptable – with popular searches including Zelda, Barbie, and King.

The baby’s name can be a contentious subject – sparking division among families, and studies have even shown that between 11 and 30 per cent of parents regret the name they choose. While this could be for a number of different reasons, it indicates that a baby name that seemed like a good idea at the time, might not have been further down the line.

Baby naming experts at Bella Baby have shared their advice for parents thinking about a more unusual name for their little one. They said: “We understand how important it is to choose the right name for your baby and what you think suits them. However, there are some things to consider before deciding on a name that is more ‘out there’.

Naming a baby is a tough choice to make for many


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“Find out if the name has any religious connotations and whether it is legal to use in the country that you are in as there are some countries around the world that have laws against using specific names.

“Consider your child having to use that name in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Some names may seem like a cute choice when you have a young child or even in their teenage years, however, that name is with them for life and needs to work with any age.

“Is it a passing phase? While it is sometimes a great idea to take inspiration for baby names from characters you love in TV shows or movies, it is important to think about whether you love the name standalone and if you can see yourself loving it forever and not just a short while.”

Did you Google your baby’s name before naming them?


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