Tortoise attacks people who wear black shoes – ‘scaring’ them into wearing other colours

A “fashionista” tortoise is said to violently headbutt and attack anyone who dares wear black shoes at their owner’s home, forcing them to either opt for a different colour or go barefoot

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Tortoise named ‘Tommy Shelby’ demonstrates his hatred of black shoes

A “little fashionista” tortoise is said to point blank refuse to let anyone wear black shoes around him, subjecting them to a violent attack should they disobey.

Harry Vines, 24, claims he’s forced to either walk around his grandmother Daphne Woodcock’s garden bare-foot or in white shoes to avoid tortoise “Tommy Shelby’s” vicious attacks.

According to Harry, Tommy will delve out ‘painful’ headbutts to anyone who dares set foot on 82-year-old Daphne’s property wearing black shoes.

The civil servant believes the stylish reptile’s fury stems from his belief that he “looks better in white”, and even conducted an experiment to prove it was only black shoes that triggered such rage.

Harry says he’s too “scared” to go into his grandma’s garden with black shoes on, knowing how Tommy will react

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Harry, from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, said: “Tommy has a hatred for my black shoes. It’s strange to feel like I’m getting fashion tips from a tortoise.

“He’s a little fashionista. Maybe he’s trying to tell me I look good in white shoes, so don’t be wearing black ones.

“When I do the gardening for my nan, he’ll come over, headbutt them and attack you. I’m scared to go into the garden with black shoes on. I’ll only be buying white shoes now.”

Harry has even stopped buying black shoes, just to keep Tommy happy


Kennedy News/@phatonions)

Bizarre footage shows Harry wearing one black and one grey shoe, with Tommy, who is believed to be at least 15 years old, heading straight over to barge himself into the black one.

Another vid shows Harry lining up black and non-black shoes, demonstrating how Tommy will only ever bash into the black ones.

Although Harry says it certainly feels “strange” to receive ” fashion advice” from a tortoise, he has stopped buying black shoes just to keep him sweet.

Tommy’s headbutts are said to “hurt quite a bit”
Tommy has become somewhat of a viral sensation

Harry continued: “If he gets your ankle bone, it does hurt quite a bit. It’s more like a shell-bash because he pushes himself forward and tucks his head in. He knows how to make it hurt.

“It’s a nightmare because sometimes I forget and I go to my nan’s in black shoes, so I have to take my black shoes and socks off and walk around with bare feet.

“At first I thought it was all shoes, then I realised it was just black ones and he doesn’t mind white ones. It started because I did an experiment to find out.”

Tommy will delve out ‘painful’ headbutts to anyone who dares come near him wearing black shoes

Harry started sharing clips of Tommy’s antics after friends loved one of his vids. He’s since clocked up more than 39 million likes, and grandma Daphne “can’t believe” just how famous her stubborn pet has become.

Fiercesome Tommy, who has gained nearly one million followers since making his online debut in December 2021, has even bagged himself some famous fans.

Commenting on one clip, YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI joked: “well I know who my next opponent is now”.

Another impressed person wrote: “His aim is better than Hawkeye.”

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