Tourist baffled after being charged £122 for omelette and bowl of fruit on Mexico holiday

A woman visiting a restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, shared her shock after being charged a whopping £122 for an omelette and bowl of fruit – and her account left people horrified

Travel vlogger Tania
Travel vlogger Tania shared the meal on social media

A woman was left reeling after being charged $150 (£122) for a bowl of fruit and omelette at a restaurant in Mexico.

Travel influencer Tania Loves, who is from the US, posted a video on TikTok explaining what happened after dining at the restaurant.

She added footage of the meal, and on top explained: “Point of view: You are in Tulum and you thought a simple breakfast of fruits and omelette was 150 pesos. In reality, it’s 150 USD and your budget for the day was 50 USD.”

Explaining what happened, Tania said: “I’ve been here for quite some time since 2020, and my experience has been whether I’m entering a boutique or local restaurant, all the prices are always in pesos.

Tania shared her account online after being charged £122 for her breakfast



The breakfast of fruit and eggs



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“So after some time, you get used to that. If you enter a high-end boutique, they’ll be like ‘oh those pants are three thousand pesos’, and you make your decision.

“But when we got inside this place, the menu wasn’t uploading and they didn’t have a physical copy. They pretty much described the breakfast to us, and were like ‘oh it’ll be fruit and omelette.’

“And when we asked if the drinks were part of the breakfast, they said it wasn’t included and we had to pay for those separately.

“And we were like ‘That’s not a problem, breakfast is 150 and maybe the coffee is going to be like another 55 pesos’. That’s okay because I’m drinking a plain coffee with no sugar, no cream, just black.

“But it wasn’t until my friend just jokingly said ‘It’s pesos right, not US?’ and all of us…our jaws just dropped.

“So we spent the next five minutes going back and forth with our chef…the service was amazing, minus the price point I don’t want to lie.

“So he kept going back to talk and we kept saying ‘No, this is not fair’. One of our friends was really arguing, saying ‘No, this is impossible, how could this be?”

“And the chef was like ‘Yeah, you know’, he tried to explain to the owners and managers that people were complaining.

“So I guess we weren’t the only ones to experience us. So for me, it was the lack of transparency, I feel like if you know what the price will be, just announce it, and then people make informed decisions.”

In another comment, Tania wrote: “I don’t mind paying but the value I’m getting has to be worth it…not eggs and fruit.”

She added: “I just want to point out that my issue was the lack of transparency. If the price had been clearly communicated, we wouldn’t have sat down to eat.”

After one person commented: “You have to ask what’s the price before ordering wherever you go always,” Tania replied: “We asked & the waiter said 150 but you are right we should have verified before we sat down.”

In a follow-up video, she explained that other reviews for the restaurant have dubbed it ‘expensive’, while others claim it’s worth it for the ‘ambience.’

People were divided, with one writing: “Obviously, a breakfast like this is more expensive if you go to the most expensive tourist area, ask before buying if you don’t have enough money.”

“I don’t know a breakfast with fruits that’s worth 150 dollars,” wrote a second.

Another commenter added: “I’m sorry but they’re supposed to announce the price in pesos. They are obliged by law to use the local currency. So bad it’s getting out of control.”

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