Trout ‘Uncomfortable,’ Might Not Play

The Los Angeles Angels, truth be told, have not been very good for a long time now. The one player they have going for them, of course, is Mike Trout, an automatic MVP contender season-in and season-out. Many people believe the team are positioned better than most for a short season, such as the one we are about to have, and that has to do with Trout as well as others.

NBC Los Angeles

All that said, it might not matter any longer, as Trout remains unsure about his participation in baseball’s return to play. Trout and his wife’s first child is due sometime in August, and he’s ‘uncomfortable’ about playing as a result of that. He knows that if he tests positive, he will not be able to see the baby for two weeks, potentially meaning he would miss the birth. He did say he wanted to play, and spoke of his love of the game, but you do have to understand that there is more to life than just that in times such as these.

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