Turner Under Investigation By MLB

Major League Baseball is none too happy right now with Justin Turner. The Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman, and newly-minted World Series winner, was pulled from Tuesday’s decisive Game 6 due to a positive Covid-19 test only to come back after the game was over to celebrate with teammates.

LA Times

As a result of those actions, ones the league claim have jeopardized the health of others, he is now being investigated. The investigation part of this is pretty cut and dry, but the issue is that they will have to consult with the wily, pesky Players’ Association in order to come up with a punishment. It might be difficult to nail anything down on him. The 35-year old is officially a free agent following the conclusion of the 2020 season, though you have to think that most interested parties will want to know more information about any possible suspensions before making a move for him.

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