Twin accused of upstaging sister on her big day because she didn’t put on weight

A woman said she was accused of upstaging her identical twin sister on her wedding day because she didn’t put on weight to match the bride’s size, but she’s not sorry

A bride with her bridesmaids
The woman insists she didn’t mean to upstage her sister

A woman said she was accused of upstaging her identical twin sister on her big day – because she didn’t put on weight to match her body size.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that through lockdown she hadn’t seen her family, including her sister, May, or even contacted them through FaceTime because her internet strength was so poor.

Previously, the sisters had worked out together and were a similar size, but when the coronavirus pandemic struck May stopped exercising but the other sister kept going.

Then, when it came to May’s wedding, the sister walked in and instantly the bride exploded – accusing her identical twin of purposefully upstaging her on her big day.

Although the woman upset her sister on her big dad, she hasn’t apologised


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Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “She was livid. Apparently, she thought we would have stopped working out because of the rona, even though we did it at home, or that we would have stopped when she announced her engagement, so we didn’t upstage her.

“She made several snide remarks before throwing a drunk temper tantrum at the reception, basically accusing me especially, of trying to upstage her.

“I don’t have that excuse because I was a designated driver so sober, but I quite famously have a low tolerance for angry or crying drunks.

“I told her ‘if you’re so insecure, you should’ve got off your a*s instead of expecting us to lay on ours to make yours look better’

“It only got worse.

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“Our family is on my side because I didn’t start it or do anything, but his family and her friends are giving me s**t.”

After she shared the story online, other Reddit users were quick to rush to the woman’s defence – saying she had done nothing wrong.

One user said: “Trying to boost your confidence by putting others down never works. Sorry about your sister.”

And a second added: “A wedding day is probably the day where your sister should have been the centre of attention.

“Well, she did an exceptional job of that, now everyone will remember her as Bridezilla.

“I would suggest she works on herself. Maybe appoint a therapy session for both of you to improve this relationship?”

“Your sister sounds like a majorly entitled bridezilla” contributed a third person. “How were none of you, her bridesmaids, not invited to the bachelorette or the rehearsal dinner?”

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