Two More Monoliths Have Been Discovered In Spain And Germany

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As we near the end of one of the most turbulent and stressful years in recent memory, one story is captivating our attention above all others: the saga of the monoliths. What started as a single monument in the middle of the desert has developed into a full-fledged mystery of global proportions.

After three monoliths have appeared and then vanished, not one, but two more have appeared. And they are nowhere near each other.

The Monoliths: A Timeline

Before we get to the new addition to the mystery, let’s do a quick recap of the saga thus far:

November 18, 2020: state employees in Utah discover a shiny metal monolith in a remote part of the wilderness while counting sheep from a helicopter.

November 20, 2020: Internet sleuths determine the exact location of the monolith, and enthusiasts travel by the dozens to the site to see it for themselves.

November 28, 2020: The metal monolith disappears from the site in Utah. Another, similar structure appears on a hill in Romania.

December 1, 2020: The monolith disappears from the hillside in Romania.

December 2, 2020: The monolith appears on a mountain top in California. Like the others, this one disappeared only one day later.

December 6, 2020: A monolith appears in the Isle of Wight, and another appears in the Netherlands [1,2].

December 7 2020: A golden monolith appears in Columbia [3].

Two More Monoliths Appear

Now, two more monoliths have appeared, one in Germany and one in Spain. Still, no one knows where they’re coming from, and no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Holger Kink is a spokesperson for the town of Sulzbach, Germany, where they found the new monolith. He does not believe that the structure is extraterrestrial in nature.

“It’s not from outer space. The wooden structure on the inside is very earthly,” he said. “We still have to get to the bottom of the mystery. Rumours are spreading on Facebook. There’s some very interesting theories.” [4]

Meanwhile, in the town of Ayllon, Spain, another monolith also appeared. The craftsmanship of this structure, however, was of significantly lower quality than that of the original one in Utah. Apparently, the three metal sheets that make up the structure have already collapsed.

Regardless, officials in Spain have asked people not to go searching for the structure. Like the one in Utah, it is in a precarious area that could be dangerous to try to get to. 

“It is an area that is not prepared for it and can be harmful and dangerous”, warned the City Council, “nearby there are slopes through which a person could fall.” [5]

The Mystery of the Monoliths…Solved?

As more and more of these mysterious structures continue to appear, it is becoming increasingly apparent that they are not related. More than likely, all subsequent structures have been the work of copy cats. 

Mystery still surrounds much of the story, but one group of artists has, finally, claimed responsibility for at least one of the installations. The group calls themselves “The Most Famous Artist”, and hail from Santa Fe, New Mexico. On December 4 they shared a photo of the original monolith on their Instagram page. In the description they offered to sell it for a cool 45 thousand dollars.

The leader of the group, Matty Mo said that the group is well known for stunts like this. Although he couldn’t offer much information for legal purposes, he added that this was a fun way to close out a difficult year.

“I can say we are well known for stunts of this nature and at this time we are offering authentic art objects through monoliths-as-a-service. I cannot issue additional images at this time but I can promise more on this in the coming days and weeks,” he said. “What better way to end this f****d up year than let the world briefly think aliens made contact only to be disappointed that it’s just The Most Famous Artist playing tricks again.” [6]

So there it is then. The mysterious monoliths have not been alien-made space objects. They have, as many originally predicted, been the work of artists. Of course, it’s hard to imagine that the saga is over just yet, and we’ll see if any others step forward to claim some of the installations around the world.

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