UK Heatwave Melts Road Leaving Woman’s Tyres Completely Covered In Tarmac

A woman was shocked after she got out of her car to discover that the intense heat we’re having at the minute had caused the road to melt, coating the tyres in tarmac.

Louise Hanley was headed out to look after her horse near to her home in Cornwall at about 5.00pm on Monday, when the temperatures were about 30C.

However, along the way she noticed that the road was broken up ahead of her, and suddenly realised that the handling of her car was a bit off.

After limping the car slowly to her destination, she noticed that the wheels were coated in bits of the road, which had clearly melted after a day under the hot sun.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

She took it along to the garage, where the mechanics said that they’d never seen anything like it.

Louise, who lives in Hayle, explained: “It’s a stretch of road I travel twice a day, and it’s safe to say nothing like this has ever happened before.

“I was stuck in a line of slow moving traffic, behind a tractor, and it sounded as if I was driving through water.

“I noticed the road has chunks of tarmac missing where previous drivers had been, but didn’t think much else of it until the tractor pulled over and I saw huge clumps of tarmac stuck to his tyres.

“I moved past slowly but realised something was quite wrong almost straight away as my steering was shaking quite drastically if I went anything over 30mph. Thinking I’d punctured a tyre, I limped to the yard I keep my horse at where I jumped out to see the damage.”

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

She went on: “Both passenger side tyres were completely covered in melted tarmac. I phoned my garage straight away and asked what to do.

“They had no idea what I was describing over the phone and probably thought I was overexaggerating, so asked me to pop over so they could have a look.

“When I got to the garage, they were gobsmacked as they had never seen anything like it.”

So, what do you do when confronted with a problem you’ve never encountered before?

The mechanics – after they all had a good look at it – managed to clear some of the melted road off, and told her to keep an eye on it, as the rest may come off naturally.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Louise added: “They did a really good job with the front tyre but the back tyre was harder to clean. They advised I drive back slowly and see if the tarmac came off on its own, but to call them straight away if I was worried.

“It’s two days in now and the tyres still have quite a bit of bitumen on them but most of the stones have come away.

“Hopefully I won’t have to buy new tyres but I will be popping over later today to get the guys at Thomas Auto Tec, just to check they are safe to drive with.”