Video Of BMW Converting To “Real Life Transformer” Impresses Anand Mahindra

Video Of BMW Converting To 'Real Life Transformer' Impresses Anand Mahindra

Mr Mahindra’s tweet got over 805,000 views in no time.

A video of a BMW car changing into a ‘Transformer’, just like alien robots from the iconic science fiction Hollywood movie, has caught the attention of industrialist Anand Mahindra. Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), the Chairman of Mahindra Group informed that the modified vehicle was created in 2016 by a Turkish company named Letvision.

“A real-life ‘transformer’ developed & showcased by a Turkish R&D company. We should be having such fun at our R&D too!” Mr Mahindra tweeted along with the video. He also tagged Velu Mahindra, President of Automotive Technology at the company.

Watch the video below: 

The clip showed a BMW car modified in such a way that it changes like a ‘Transformer’. 

Mr Mahindra’s tweet got over 805,000 views in no time with users expressing astonishment at the tech marvel. 

“Woah, that is seriously impressive! Always love to see innovation like this. Our R&D teams definitely need to step it up and bring some excitement into play. Kudos to the Turkish R&D company!” wrote one user. 

“Mechanically not possible that this car is functioning as it should! This is just for demonstration purposes. However, it is a genuine engineering work to transform the car into “Transformers” in real-world,” expressed another. 

“Love the brains behind the exceptional creation,” commented a third user. “This is so cool!! Amazing stuff!” said another. 

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Meanwhile, this car, termed Letrons, was built by Letvision in 2016. According to the official website, the full-scale, drivable BMW Transformer can be remotely operated and is also capable of doing neck and head movements. The vehicle has dynamic hydraulic controls and can do arm and hand movements as well.

When in car mode, the Letron can move and turn under its own electric power, but things get interesting when the transformation is triggered. The transformation from car to bot is accomplished with a combination of hydraulics and electric motors and takes just under a minute, according to the site. 

However, once transformed, the Letron just stands and looks around. It can’t walk but it can turn its head and move its arms, wrists and fingers. 

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