Video Of This Elderly Man Nailing Michael Jackson’s Dance Moves Impresses Internet

Video Of This Elderly Man Nailing Michael Jackson's Dance Moves Impresses Internet

The video has amassed 1 million views on Twitter

Even today, Michael Jackson remains the legendary artist, the undisputed king of pop that the world remembers fondly. His songs and his dance moves inspired people of all ages. Now, a video has gone viral which shows a middle-aged man effortlessly dancing to Michael Jackson’s iconic songs which caught the attention of the internet.

Mike Taddow shared an undated video on Twitter on Sunday and it quickly gained traction. The 42-second video shows a middle-aged man enthusiastically dancing to MJ’s Billie Jean track at a wedding function. The audience was seen cheering him on as he nailed MJ’s dance moves.

The caption of the video reads, “Bob been waitin for this moment all his life and he did not disappoint.” His dance moves prove age is just a number.

Watch the video here:

The video has amassed 1 million views on Twitter and attracted several comments. A user wrote, “He might’ve missed a few beats trying to get off his knees but someone tell bruno mars papas coming for the crown.”

Another user wrote, “Sound off, automatically new it was MJ’s Billie Jean. Bless.”

The third user wrote, “MJ music just smacks everybody. It’s some special, timeless sounds! He was killin em.”

“I knew what song he was listening to without even hearing it. Bob killed it,” the fourth user wrote.

“Isn’t this what we all crave? That one chance to do what we know we can slay, if only given the opportunity. Well done brother. Take the ibuprofen and rest up. You deserve it,” the fifth user commented.

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