Village Designed Specifically For People With Dementia Opens In New South Wales

Aged care facilities are hot property in Australia as the country gets to grips with an aging population.

They certainly do their bit to make sure older Australians have the care and support they need in their later days, but there’s only so much they can do and offer.

Well, a newly created village in New South Wales is hoping to change that by having every service imaginable. But not only that, it caters specifically for people with dementia.

Credit: Today/Channel 9
Credit: Today/Channel 9

HammondCare has been unveiled in Cardiff near Lake Macquarie and has houses, apartments, shops and even a hairdresser.

Angela Raguz from Hammond Residential Care told Today: “There is a growing body of evidence that people living in functioning homes have better outcomes for quality of life, they are less likely to be transferred to hospital inappropriately, and are less likely to have the wrong medications being given.

“For people with dementia, it is really important to give them a continuing sense of things they are familiar with.

“The idea of the built environment is that we design environments that enable a person to see or sense where they would like to go.

“That means we can support people to maintain that independence, but be there when we do need to intervene and provide support.

Credit: Today/Channel 9
Credit: Today/Channel 9

“People have their own home. Within their home, they have a fully functioning kitchens, en suites, living areas and common areas that are small and domestic in scale.”

The village has been designed so that it helps the elderly people feel like they’re not locked away in some tiny apartment. When they move in, they’ll have perfectly functioning features in the house and a fully stocked fridge and pantry.

“It’s not creating things that are false or pretend, it’s very real,” Raguz said. ‘People are able to raid the kitchen fridge and make themselves a cup of tea, but of course are the same time, we need to have the care available.”

Credit: Today/Channel 9
Credit: Today/Channel 9

Now, you’re probably thinking something like this would cost an absolute fortune, but HammondCare says they will work out a payment plan based off each individual’s specific financial situation.

“If you don’t have money, it’s not a reason not to call, or to come and have a look. The care is provided to all equally,” Raguz said.

Hopefully places like these can be rolled out across the country to address the growing need for special care for our elderly Australians.

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