Vintage chair in Oxfam gives shoppers creeps thanks to ‘suspicious’ note left on it

A vintage wingback chair with a spooky look about it has sparked some suspicion among spooked Oxfam customers, after staff attached a ‘definitely not haunted’ sign to it

The creepy chair on sale at the Oxfam shop
One staff member felt the chair looked like it “belonged in a haunted house”

A wingback chair spotted in an Oxfam shop has sparked fear and amusement alike, with customers harbouring more than a few suspicions about its ‘definitely not haunted’ sign.

The striking piece of furniture was donated as part of a three-piece sofa and chairs set, and has a certain spooky style that might not be to everyone’s taste.

The set was donated to an Oxfam branch in Liverpool and quickly left members of staff divided as to whether it was gorgeously vintage, or in need of some sort of immediate exorcism.

As previously reported by the Liverpool Echo, manager Kira Adams thought the chair was absolutely beautiful, while deputy manager, Rob had some reservations, believing it looked as though it “belonged in a haunted house”.

The sign has left people somewhat suspicious



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Kira told the publication: “To reassure him, I printed a silly sign stating that the suite was definitely not haunted.

“The sign has proven popular with customers, and I’ve spotted one or two of them taking photos of it, but I was flabbergasted when Rob told me that he had seen the chair on Twitter and had been liked by hundreds of thousands of people.”

A photo of the chair was shared by Twitter user Heather Cowan, (@hwardcowan), who deadpanned, “That’s definitely something a haunted chair would say…”

The Oxfam shop has since used the viral moment to raise funds for a worthy cause


Andrew Teebay/Liverpool Echo)

The tweet quickly went viral, with 1.4 million people liking the ‘definitely not haunted’ chair pic at the time of writing.

Many other Twitter users agreed it was “definitely haunted”, regardless of the reassuring sign, with one person shuddering, “Chucky or Annabelle would jump out of that for sure.”

Another joked: “The chair is being honest, but its matching sister chair and mother sofa are haunted as hell.”

Naturally, the picture sparked a number of imaginative PhotoShop jobs, from Ghostbusters’ Slimer making himself comfortable to the ‘definitely not’ part being edited out completely.

Kira continued: “I’d like to reiterate that despite what anyone on Twitter might think, the chair is definitely not haunted, cursed, or possessed by any kind of spirit, spook, or spectre – I swear.”

Putting the viral attention to good use, the team is now encouraging brave members of public to snap selfies on the eerie-looking chair.

In exchange, the branch is asking for a small donation towards an appeal to provide emergency food supplies to 23 million people in East Africa currently facing severe hunger following failed harvests.

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