Viral Video: This Bihar Student Starts Her Tea Startup In Faridabad As “B.Tech Chaiwali”

Viral Video: This Bihar Student Starts Her Tea Startup In Faridabad As 'B.Tech Chaiwali'

Vartika is currently pursuing B.Tech in Faridabad

A B.Tech student from Bihar has set up a tea stall in Faridabad, Haryana to make her dream a reality. Vartika Singh was always keen to start her own business and didn’t want to wait for 4 years to finish her degree before starting her startup. She decided to take baby steps and started her tea stall with the name B. Tech Chaiwali.

Now, in a video posted on Instagram by Swag Se Doctor, Vartika talked about her tea stall and gave little details about it. In the video, Vartika said that she had opened a tea stall near Green Field in Faridabad and she put up her stall from 5.30 pm in the evening to 9 pm.

Watch the video here:

Vartika sells a variety of tea – masala and lemon chai for Rs 20 each and regular chai for Rs 10. There is a small stove on which an aluminium kettle is placed. People are seen milling around her, waiting for hot tea to be poured for them.

Her video has amassed over 56,000 views so far. Social media users praised her determination and effort. A user wrote, “I like your smile and confidence. i will pray for you.” Another user wrote, “Keep going ,in coming 1 year you will become the brand.”

The third commented, “great respect for this courage.” “Huge respect for the girl.”

Earlier, an economics graduate had also set up a tea stall near a women’s college in Bihar’s capital Patna after she could not get a job for two years. Priyanka Gupta, who completed her graduation in 2019, said she was inspired to open the tea stall after hearing the story of Prafull Billore, famously known as “MBA Chaiwala”.

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