Volkswagen enters the chat – new electric pickup for the US in the works

The United States loves pickup trucks. They have been topping the popularity charts for decades thanks to their versatility, functionality and coolness factor. And now that the world is changing, it is time for an electric pickup truck to really emerge. Many manufacturers are working on and now Volkswagen Group announced it wants part of that pie.

Electric Rivian pickups are already on the streets in the US, Tesla Cybertruck is also on its way, while Ford F-150 Lightning may go along the footsteps of its gas–guzzling brother, which is the most popular car in the entire country. Yes, you read that right – a pickup truck is the most popular car in the US. In fact, pickup trucks take up several spots in the best-selling cars list in that country.

Of course, Volkswagen is not a newbie in the pickup market. Its Amarok is a pretty compact pickup truck, which is not ideal for the American market. However, a shift towards electric may inspire Volkswagen to make something especially US-friendly.

Electric Volkswagen pickup truck is scheduled to arrive in 2026. Image credit: Volkswagen

The  Volkswagen Group has just announced that it is making an electric pickup for the United States market. We can already see some sketches, but the first prototypes are to be unveiled next year. However, production is scheduled to start in 2026, which means that for now there is nothing to be too excited about. Naturally, we don’t know any numbers about the upcoming electric Volkswagen pickup truck. However, being made for the US, it is likely to be quite large – we can see in the sketches it having a real crew-cab design. It will also be designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. in a separate company and will be marked with a new Scout branding.

The same chassis will be used to make an electric SUV, also geared towards  the American market. We’ve seen that with conventional pickup trucks as well as the Rivian R1T and R1S lineup. These electric vehicles will be made for outback adventures as well as for working in construction, farming and other fields. We expect to see these rugged Volkswagen vehicles towing some boats as well.

R-SUV will be built on the same platform. Both vehicles will bear the Scout brand. Image credit: Volkswagen

Herbert Diess, CEO Volkswagen AG, said: “After Volkswagen’s successful turnaround in the U.S., we are now taking the opportunity to further strengthen our position in one of the most significant growth markets for EVs. Electrification provides a historic opportunity to enter the highly attractive pick-up and R-SUV segment as a Group, underscoring our ambition to become a relevant player in the U.S. market.” R-SUV, of course, stands for rugged SUV.

Success in a pickup and SUV market is very important for brand recognition in the US. However, this is a very huge task for Volkswagen, because American pickup buyers tend to go for domestic brands. But electrification may provide that golden opportunity to introduce Volkswagen pickup trucks in the US.


Source: Volkswagen

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