Warriors Fear New Klay Injury

The Golden State Warriors, regardless of where they have finished in recent seasons, have been a big focus of the attention of fans around the world. They were a big part of the discussion on Draft night on Wednesday, but not all of it was because of them having the second selection.

USA Today

A major reason why so much focus is on them currently is due to the fact that Klay Thompson has picked up another injury. Thompson, who missed 2019-20 due to an ACL tear in his left knee, now could be set to miss another season if the injury is as bad the Warriors fear. They believe he might have an Achilles issue on his right leg this time, meaning he’d definitely miss a full season of action. Sources indicate that this is a ‘serious’ injury and that an MRI will be completed soon to see the extent of the damage. He was due to play his first game in 18 months right before Christmas in December, but that now no longer looks like a possibility barring a miracle.

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