Was ‘The Ultimatum’ Star Lisa Horne Really Pregnant? Details Following Her Reality TV Exit

The Ultimatum season 2 stars Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye shocked fans when host Nick Lachey announced the couple had withdrawn from the dating experiment due to a surprise pregnancy. However, after a rocky start to filming, riddled with jealousy and even a physical altercation, Netflix viewers were highly suspicious about the reality of Lisa’s child. 

Who Are The Ultimatum’s Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye?

Lisa and Brian made their reality TV debut in August 2023 with the premiere of Netflix’s The Ultimatum season 2. Their relationship was on the rocks as Lisa was adamant about taking the next step while Brian made it clear that he was not financially ready for marriage. 

The premise of the show is for the couples to find new partners and enter into a trial marriage for three weeks before reuniting and making a decision whether to get married, break up and begin dating their alternate “spouse.” However, it didn’t take long for Lisa’s jealousy to get the better of her as she was seen confronting her ex as he was chatting it up with Riah Nelson

The situation quickly turned ugly with Lisa storming out of the lounge and putting her hands on her ex on her way. It seemed things had cooled down as Lisa later made an appearance at mingling events, but when the North Carolina-based couple were absent from The Choice, fans were left puzzled. 

“You probably noticed the two chairs are empty at the end of the table. Lisa and Brian have decided to remove themselves from the experience. So, we invited them to come here, and tell you guys the news themselves,” the former 98 Degrees singers told the rest of the cast. “But they declined that invitation. Lisa came to us and informed us that she had taken a pregnancy test. That test came back positive.”

Was ‘The Ultimatum’ Star Lisa Horne Really Pregnant?

While online theories were running wild, Lisa added fuel to the fire when she took to social media to address her lack of a baby bump. 

“Where’s the baby Lisaaaaaa??” the reality star captioned an Instagram photo just one day after the season’s release, turning comments off. She later opened up about her pregnancy, telling E! “We have a baby boy! He’s so cute.” 

“This journey as parents together has been a beautiful one. … It’s been a blessing. It’s been a really nice, peaceful journey,” she added of their four-month-old. 

Are ‘The Ultimatum’ Stars Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye Still Together?

According to Lisa, the couple’s relationship has been “so good.” “We have things in this relationship we need to work on and we truly worked on those things and are continuing to work on those things. And we will, even after marriage, so that’s what we’ve focused on. It really has benefitted us,” she continued, noting that Brian has yet to propose. 

Following the release of the season finale, Lisa took to Instagram to apologize for her behavior. “As Brian and I continue with relationship counseling and nurturing our growing family, I have been committed to learning and growing from this experience by taking steps to improve my own reactions and relationship triggers.” 

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