Watch: A Deer’s Face Was Completely Frozen Over Due To Extreme Cold. Two Hikers Helped

Watch: A Deer's Face Was Completely Frozen Over Due To Extreme Cold. Two Hikers Helped

The exact location of the video is not yet known

The extreme cold weather dubbed as “blizzard of the century,” across many parts of the USA & Canada has inflicted immense misery on millions of people and caused unprecedented fear and chaos. Many other parts of the world are also battling extremely frigid temperatures. Not just humans, but animals too are suffering from nature’s wrath. In a recent undated video, a deer was seen with its mouth, eyes & ears completely frozen over due to the severe winter storm. Thankfully, two hikers came to its rescue and helped the poor animal. The exact location of the video is not yet known.

In a video shared on Reddit, two hikers spotted a deer whose face was completely frozen over. It is assumed that the deer was trying to dig for food under the snow with its head, and that’s how its face got encased in ice. When the hikers approached the deer, it ran away in fear. However, after a while, the two men got hold of the distressed animal and removed the ice covering its face. The relieved animal was then seen running away. 

Watch the video here:

Reddit users thanked the hikers for saving the life of the deer and hailed their efforts. One user wrote, ”I wonder if humans are the only species who help other animals, out of pure empathy. I’m sure we’re not, but I definitely think it’s a beautiful part of humanity.” Another commented, ”poor deer. glad they helped him. winter is rough for animals.”

Many were left wondering how it happened. A user offered an explanation and replied, ”Most likely mild weather with lots of heavy wet snow, digging through said snow for food… Face gets covered with sticky wet snow. Then you get a crazy drop in temp with increase in wind resulting in flash freezing. Said sticky snow on face freezes.” 

Another commented, ”Probably got caught in a blizzard or just a storm out on a large open field. Sometimes the winds can get stupidly strong and carry snow and ice from the ground. It has a way of clinging to stuff.”

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