Watch: Actor Andrew Garfield’s Exchange With Interviewer At Golden Globes Goes Viral

Watch: Actor Andrew Garfield's Exchange With Interviewer At Golden Globes Goes Viral

The duo first did an interview together in November.

Journalist-comedian and YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg’s flirty exchange with Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes red carpet has gone viral on the internet. The footage of the duo’s chemistry has racked up nearly 33 million views on Twitter.

On the red carpet, the Chicken Shop Date host jokingly warned the actor to “be normal.” The ‘Amazing Spiderman’ actor compared the host to a “capybara in the wild.” He added that he only wanted to see her and swiftly added that “He only ever wanted to see her in these situations.” Throughout the exchange, the actor struggled to stop his giggles as he reunited with the interviewer.

Further in the interview, Ms Dimoldenberg informed the actor that she wanted to invite him to her birthday party on January 30. The Tick, Tick… Boom! then asked her about her “astrological sign”. After the host revealed that she was an Aquarius, the actor acknowledged that it was also Garfield’s moon sign.

“If you have the sun sign that’s the same as the moon sign of someone else … that’s good,” the actor explained. The host asked him why is that an issue, and he said he didn’t think they “should explore this”.

The host said that she wasn’t asking to do that and then she joked that Garfield was “obsessed” with her, to which he playfully agreed.

“I’m scared of what it could turn into, and I’m not ready for that kind of thing,” Garfield said.

Watch the video here:

She then asked him to autograph her “best friend certificate”. He then walked away from her and said: “Bye best friend”.

The pair first did an interview together in November. During the interview, the actor called the journalist “great” and revealed that he has watched her YouTube series.

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