Watch: Indian-Origin Singer Cooks Dosa Inside Class At US University

Watch: Indian-Origin Singer Cooks Dosa Inside Class At US University

He is also the founder of the Dosa Student Organisation.

All students studying abroad miss home-cooked food or what is known as ‘maa ke hath ka khaana’. The taste and smell of spices in Indian meals cannot match any other cuisine. But can you imagine living abroad, sitting in a lecture and smelling a freshly cooked south Indian meal? Something similar happened to a group of students when a fellow student offered them fresh dosas they were all attending a lecture.

Indian-origin musician Pedda P cooked fresh dosas with chutney and potato masala for his batchmates. He took to Instagram to share the video of the same. In the short clip, he can be seen cooking the dosa and handing over it to the batchmates. All of them seem to be overjoyed by the act. The professor also seemed amused by this and starts to record the student. Furthermore, the musician also offers the dosa to the professor.

Since being shared on the social media application, the reel has received 9.9 lakh views and 52,000 likes. “BRO AT THE END,” reads the caption of the video.

“Great make them addicted by feeding free dosa later charge them,” said a user.

A second person said, “not all heroes wear capes, some give food to hungry college kids.”

“Parents: my son studies in abroad in a big university, le son,” commented another person.

“Watch out Sarvanaa Bhavan! We have a New competitor,” added a user.

“Prof looks desi, your grades are def gonna be good!!” remarked another person.

Incidentally, he is also the founder of the Dosa Student Organisation, whose mission is to “spread dosa awareness and best practices regarding making crispy dosas”. In an application form to recruit more people, he stated that anyone, “Brown, white, small, tall, round, square whatever” can join and they have a zero-discrimination policy.

“It’s no easy task, but we are looking to recruit members across the globe, so we can make dosas and save lives,” he mentioned.

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