Watch: Porcupines’ “Z Class Security” To Save Babies From Leopard Attack

Watch: Porcupines' 'Z Class Security' To Save Babies From Leopard Attack

Porcupines save their babies amid leopard attack.

Animals can be quite protective when it comes to their little ones. A video has gone viral that captures an encounter between a ferocious leopard and a family of porcupines.

In the clip, uploaded by Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter, two porcupines are seen on a road along with their babies. Moments later, a leopard approaches them and tries to get hold of the porcupettes. However, the adult porcupines form a shield to safeguard their babies from the big cat. The leopard keeps trying to reach the babies while the porcupines continue to protect them.

“Porcupine parents provide Z class security to their baby from a leopard, fighting valiantly & thwarting all attempts of the leopard to even touch their baby. Most incredible. By the way, a baby porcupine is called ‘porcupette’,” the caption read.

At the time of writing this, the clip collected more than 3 lakh views on the platform where many users seemed intrigued by the encounter.

“The video ends. But going by the tenacity of the leopard he has not given up and he would have ultimately succeeded in pulling away his target,” a user wrote.

“Omg! What an obedient and intuitive prorcupette,” a comment read.

A person wrote, “I can’t help appreciating the babies who are dutifully following their parents and not trying to be extra smart.”

“It’s like a film directed by Nature – God with a strong message that for love even porcupine parents can take head-on ferocious leopard to protect baby porcupette,” a user said.

Many appeared curious about the baby porcupines.

“Hope the story ended well,” a comment read.

“So could you kindly explain what happened, in the end, is the baby safe,” a user wrote.

One user asked, “How did it end? Did the baby survive?

A person wondered, “Wow. But doesn’t leopards know the danger from porcupine quills?”

So, what are your thoughts on it?

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