Watch: This 96-Year-Old ‘Dancing Nana’ Has Everyone Swaying To Her Moves

Watch: This 96-Year-Old 'Dancing Nana' Has Everyone Swaying To Her Moves

The clip of Shirley Goodman’s dance has garnered 1.8 million views on Twitter.

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While old age is associated with various limitations and restrictions, some people still manage to live their life to the fullest even in their twilight years. A video of one such woman has gone viral lightening up the mood of many on the Internet.

Shared on Twitter, the video is of a then 96-year-old woman, named Shirley Goodman, who is seen dancing her heart out on Bruno Mars’ Locked Out of Heaven song at an event. In the clip, Ms Goodman shakes leg with other jubilant guests and pulls off some impressive moves. She becomes the centre of attraction as the attendees start to follow her dance steps.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough …… like Shirley Goodman,” the caption read.

The clip has garnered 1.8 million views on Twitter. Users could resist praising the old lady for her high spirits.

“That’s a beautiful woman there. Hope I am as graceful as she is at that age,” wrote a person.

Another said, “Awesome. I love this she can show off her moves and keep up with all the movements and everybody else is doing on the dance floor. Awesome.”

A person tagged her as “the best dancer on the floor?”

Many lauded the old lady for her elegant dance.

For this one, the woman not only outshined others with her dance but was also the “best dressed”.

This video of Ms Goodman first went viral back in 2019 when it was shared by her grandchildren on social media. The nonagenarian was 96 years old back then and was dubbed the “Dancing Nana” for her graceful moves.

The clip is from her great-nephew’s wedding. 

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