Watch: Two SUVs Cross Each Other On Narrow Bridge, Internet Praises “Impressive” Driving Skills

Watch: Two SUVs Cross Each Other On Narrow Bridge, Internet Praises 'Impressive' Driving Skills

The location of this undated video is not known.

A hair-raising video showing two cars passing each other on a narrow bridge is gaining traction on social media. The short clip was posted on Monday by a Twitter handle called Next Level Skills. “Insane driving skills,” read the caption on the post, which has garnered more than 73,000 likes and over 8 million views. 

The 1-minute 24-second video shows two SUVs approaching a narrow passage from opposite directions. Given the width of the passage and the sizes of the vehicles, it seems impossible for both to cross it at once. This is when one of the drivers decides to solve the problem. 

Watch the video below: 

The driver simply drives his car onto the raised edge in order to create more space for the other vehicle. He crosses onto the other side and at the end of the video, he even smoothly slides down his car onto the ground, while the other car passes the narrow passage. 

Since being shared, the video has accumulated all kinds of reactions. While some internet users expressed amazement, others showed their displeasure. 

“Everything was great, only a mistake at the end, he should have continued until the end where the curb goes down, but very good,” wrote one user, “Seems quite unnecessary,” said another. 

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A third user commented, “Impressive. And there are some people that can’t even parallel park,” while a fourth jokingly added, “Imagine having to do this everyday on your way to work.”

The location of this undated video is not known. 

Meanwhile, speaking of insane driving skills, a while back a similar video surfaced online. In the clip, a driver was seen parking the vehicle, making an eight and even driving the car backwards, that too without touching the outline of a white path. The driver was also seen brilliantly parallel parking, which is considered to be one of the hardest skills for new drivers. 

The video left internet users stunned. It accumulated more than 10 million views and nearly 180,000 likes. 

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