Watch: UP Police Constable Feeds Mango To Monkey, Internet Lauds His Kindness

Watch: UP Police Constable Feeds Mango To Monkey, Internet Lauds His Kindness

The video has been viewed nearly 60,000 times.

A heartwarming video showing a police constable feeding a monkey has gone viral on the internet. 

On Sunday, the Uttar Pradesh police department shared a wholesome video that showed a constable in uniform sitting on the edge of his jeep, slicing mangoes to feed the monkey. On the other hand, the monkey carrying a baby on its back is seen waiting patiently. The constable then hands over the sliced mango to it, following which the monkey is seen feasting happily on the juicy fruit. 

Watch the video below: 

In the Twitter post, the Uttar Pradesh Police wrote, “Well Done Constable Mohit, PRV1388 Shahjahapur for making good deeds an ‘Aam Baat’ #PyarKaMeethaPhal #UPPCares.”

Since being shared, the video has been viewed nearly 60,000 times. It has garnered over 3,500 likes and several comments too. 

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While one user wrote, “Insaniyat isko hi kehte hai khud se pehle unn bezubaan logo ko samajhna aur sunna.” Another said, “Humanity comes from within. Have love for all beings, this is humanity.” “Bhai itna pyar se khila raha hai, jaise bacche ko khilate hain,” added third. “Very kind-hearted,” said fourth. 

One internet user also pointed out that people should avoid feeding monkeys as it makes them dependent on humans. “It should be common enough sense to not feed wild animals, especially those explicitly classified as vermins! They’re a threat to life and property and by feeding them you are encouraging their behavioural patterns when amidst humans,” the user said

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Meanwhile, another adorable video created a buzz across the internet earlier this month. In the video, two monkeys were seen exchanging love in a way that seemed they were seeing each other after a long wait. They also made lip-smacking gestures – a common social behaviour among monkeys that usually results in friendly interactions. 

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