Watch: US Girl On Roller Skates Flips Over 12 People To Break World Record

Watch: US Girl On Roller Skates Flips Over 12 People To Break World Record

Mia executing the barani flip over a group of 12 individuals.

A 15-year-old prodigy in roller skating successfully executed a daring feat by flipping over 12 individuals, ultimately landing without harm and achieving the remarkable feat of breaking a World Record.

As per the Guinness World Records, Mia Peterson, a teenager hailing from California, USA, secured a prestigious achievement after she successfully barani flipped over 12 of her friends from a quarter pipe while wearing roller skates. This outstanding feat earned her the official record for the highest number of people Barani flipped over in such a manner.

Mia has been recognized as one of the most accomplished youth achievers by Guinness World Records. Her impressive accomplishments will be highlighted in the upcoming 2024 edition of the book.

Mia’s roller skating journey began at the age of 11, when her sister received a pair of skates as a birthday gift. They embarked on their skating venture together and frequented the skating rink, as reported by Guinness World Records.

By the age of 13, Mia had fallen in love with the sport and became a regular at the skate park, where she made a few good friends from the skating community. But one of the hardest tricks Mia has learned, which took her performances to the next level, is the barani flip, a gymnastic maneuver comprising a front flip with a half twist.

“When I first attempted a flip on roller skates, I tried it in a foam pit. I got really comfortable with them in a foam pit and then in an airbag. When I was confident with my rotation and the flip, I would start attempting them on cement,” Mia told GWR.

“I would take baby steps until I could land the flip. It is not easy at first, though; I would take some tough falls here and there,” she said.

“One time I split my chin and had to get 27 stitches. Also, when I first attempted a front flip, I over-rotated and slammed on to my stomach, breaking some of my ribs,” Mia added.

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