Watt Not Interested In Rebuild

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Houston Texans looked like the real deal in the NFL picture. With a strong defense, led by JJ Watt, and an attack led by up-and-coming quarterback DeShaun Watson, they appeared to be set to be a force for years on top of years. Then the team made head coach Bill O’Brien the General Manager, he made several very silly moves, and suddenly they are in panic mode.

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Sitting a 1-6, and having already fired O’Brien for his ridiculous maneuvering, the team is now staring a ‘rebuild’ in the face. Though that is not something Watt has expressed an interest in. He made it very clear on Wednesday that he was not going to be able to play much longer and that he wanted the team to return to its previous glories quickly. Otherwise, he could be looking to force his way out of town, which would be quite the move, truth be told, given his status in the community.

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