‘We wanted to leave holiday early as best friend refused to turn heating on’

A couple spent some nights over the festive period with two lifelong friends – but they were left feeling chilly as one dug his heels in over heating

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She said it was worse than camping (stock photo)

Christmas is now behind us, so millions of us up and down the country will be heading back to work or returning home from festive breaks away.

But one woman considered leaving her two-day Christmas holiday early as one of her friends refused to turn the heating on where they were staying, which left her claiming it was worse than a camping trip.

The friend apparently has form in this area and is known to be a bit tight with his money, so was adamant the heating would stay off, even with the woman and her husband saying they will pay for it.

He has form in being a bit tight with money (stock photo)


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Taking to the ‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’ forum on Mumsnet, the woman explained: “We have been absolutely freezing for the entire 48 hours.

“One of them just refuses to put any heating on. He has form for this but has got worse.”

She went onto explain that the man has always been a bit tight with his money but felt he was getting better with age so was surprised he reverted to type on this trip.

The woman said: “I get that heating is far from cheap at the moment but there are categorically no money issues and it was sub zero, worse than camping.

“We asked him repeatedly to put heating on, even offered to contribute but he is stubborn and dug his heels in. We nearly went home. His other half is always diplomatic but I’m sure she agreed with us.”

In response, many sided with the woman and said she was not being unreasonable to expect some heat on her holiday.

One person wrote: “No matter how good their hosting is otherwise, this is what will be remembered. And that’s pretty sad!”

Another stated: “I would have left early, they shouldn’t have invited you as guests if they weren’t willing to make you comfortable.”

A third penned: “I would have gone home because I could not have stood it.”

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