Wedding couple threaten to uninvite guests who refuse to fund stag and hen parties

A wedding guest took to Reddit to ask whether they’re being ‘unreasonable’ for not wanting to pay for their own food after putting money towards their friend’s hen and stag do

Hen do
The wedding couple expected the guests to pay for their own food after funding their bachelorette parties

Weddings are expensive, we all know that.

When you add up the price of the outfits, venue and cake, the happy couple is likely to be set back quite the sum – so it’s not uncommon for guests to pitch in a little to help.

But one bride and groom have been slammed by an unhappy guest after being asked to fund their big day.

The guest took to Reddit to ask whether they’re being ‘unreasonable’ for not wanting to pay for their own food at their friend’s wedding after paying out for their stag and hen parties.

Speaking anonymously on the r/bridezillas thread, they said: “It’s a close friend’s wedding in a few months time and everyone on the guestlist has been asked to pay $110/£80 to cover the cost of their own meal instead of buying a wedding gift. It was worded in a way that very much made it sound like you would be taken off of the guest list if the money wasn’t sent through soon.

The guest claims the couple has spent thousands on their big day


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“If it were a small wedding and they were keeping costs low I feel like this would be more understandable, however, the bride and groom have spent thousands on their big day so it feels a little cheeky to me to expect everyone to cough up to attend their ‘special day.’

“I feel like the wedding has got totally out of hand but so no one feels like they can step in and say anything as the bride has a history of mental health issues, but I can imagine I am not the only one to be feeling uncomfortable about this situation,” they added.

“They both earn triple figures and it’s up to them how they want to spend their money but I feel like there’s a lack of understanding about how much money their guests are already spending on attending this wedding.”

“The last thing they could have provided us with was a meal.”


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But their food isn’t all they have to pay for…

“We are having to pay for stag and hen parties, new outfits (there is also a specific dress code) hotels, travel, alcohol, and take time off of work as the wedding isn’t on a weekend. It feels like the last thing they could have provided us with was a meal.”

After sharing her story online, the majority of Reddit users sided with the original poster, and said that the bride and groom were “inconsiderate to guests who can’t afford that expense.”

One person said: “Just decline the invitation. It is the utmost in tackiness and sounds absolutely miserable.”

Another added: “It’s unfortunate too many people have these huge weddings where they expect the guest to cover the costs. They could have had a less extravagant wedding if they couldn’t afford it.”

A third asked the guest whether they’d spoken about their concerns, as they wondered if their meal request was intended for the other guests.

But the original poster said, “the expectation is that the meals will still be paid.”

They went on to say: “If the cost of the ‘extra present’ is now too much then we should split it with other members of the wedding party and they won’t be contributing. But we have already gotten the money off of the other guests and it seems rude and feels uncomfortable to ask for more (especially as they will also be paying for the meal!) Not a great situation!”

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