Weddings in ‘Animal Crossing,’ or How the Pandemic Changed the Internet

You can say that pandemic put us in a long hibernation mode. Life seemingly stopped from flowing normally, and people stayed indoors probably more than they would like. However, people are creative, and their imaginative nature has definitely beamed during the pandemic.

Had to postpone the wedding? No worries: you can take it to the virtual world. That is exactly what a young man from New Jersey did to surprise his fiancé. Back in April, they had to reschedule their wedding due to the pandemic. While the blues hit pretty hard, the husband-to-be decided to surprise his better half with the next best thing (probably). He arranged a virtual wedding in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, invited their friends and got married. Of course, the marriage in Animal Crossing has no legal bearing. Thus, the couple will still have to go the traditional way.

Nevertheless, it is one of the creative ways that people used to get over their pandemic blues. From virtual weddings to Tinder dates, everything seems possible. For some, such experiences will make a quirky story when they get older.

People Are Increasingly Relying on the Internet to Continue with Their Lives

If one thing is for sure, it would be that people are ready to do whatever it takes to continue with their everyday lives. The best example is the rather extraordinary story of Nazmul Ahmed and Sharmin Asha: lovebirds who took to Animal Crossing to get married. However, while this quirky example is enough to put a smile on your face, it is only one of the ways internet use has changed.

In addition to the explosion of users for virtual meeting services, the internet became the tool for staying connected. And, as reported by CNN, people were in no way traditional with their approaches. For one, a server on Discord was exclusively created for the purpose of sending the letter “h” all day. Tik Tok was also one of the platforms that people shared their stories and methods for escaping the melancholy of the pandemic.

During these rather depressing times, memes were also a welcome escape. We all can remember the photo of Senator Bernie Sanders wearing a mask and big mittens. The chances are you saw him sitting in the most unexpected places thanks to Photoshop.

Some solutions addressed people missing the office. The Sound of Colleagues is a website that lets you play and combine different sounds typically heard at the office. While the ASMR community is huge, you probably had not imagined tuning in to listen for sounds of people, printers, or the office dogs. Nevertheless, now you can.

Netflix Working on Raising Awareness on Pandemics

Without a doubt, the time you spend watching Netflix has increased during the pandemic. For one, you might have watched any of the shows or documentaries focusing or interpreting the current events:

  • Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak (2020) – a fantastic documentary dealing with the lethal virus influenza and the doctors who managed to find the cure to abolish it.
  • The Race for a Vaccine – a series that deals with the world’s efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • How to Cope – a series that deals with how people worldwide deal with the stress, insomnia, anxiety, and fear of this pandemic.
  • Death to 2020 – a mockumentary that is dealing with the most memorable moments from 2020.

Of course, these titles are not exactly something that will help you escape the current situation. Luckily, thousands of shows and movies are available on Netflix: from mind-boggling series like Tiger King to animated entertainment like Disenchantment: there is almost an endless selection. You might also try to explore Netflix cheat codes that allow you to find titles according to particular subgenres. Additionally, if a title you want is unavailable, you can try a VPN for streaming. It lets you mask your IP address and get content that might be unavailable due to geo-restrictions. Such tools are especially useful when traveling, and you suddenly notice that your favorite shows are no longer available within the library.


As you can see, the coronavirus outbreak pretty much changed the world and the internet along with it. People are now turning to the internet more than ever to kill spare time on their hands and get through the pandemic the best they can.

Businesses are also required to rely on the internet to go about their daily operations while almost the entire world’s population now shops online, generating more data than ever before. Naturally, the internet is the best place right now to find out more about the pandemic and how to protect yourself.


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