Week 15: Florida Loses In Most ‘2020’ Saturday Of Season

It’s 2020 and anything can happen, apparently. That’s the best way to summarize what happened on Saturday as far as college football is concerned. It was just one of those days that we could only see this year. Headlining the day was #6 Florida’s loss to LSU, a 37-34 defeat that will most likely see them left out of the College Football Playoff chase. How that loss came to be, however, is the main thing that made Saturday feel like the most ‘2020’ thing ever. The Tigers made one of the most insanely impossible interceptions happen in the second quarter, and they wouldn’t let up there. With two minutes to go and a long third down, the Gators got a stop. Only the shoe of a wide receiver was ripped off, followed by a Gator defender throwing it. That gave LSU a first down, via an unsportsmanlike penalty, and it eventually led to what would be a 57-yard field goal that handed them a 37-34 lead.

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Despite that make coming with only 23 seconds later, Florida had a shot at it with time expiring from 51 yards. Only that came up short, giving the defending national champions a big win that saw them improve to just 4-5 thus far. As for Florida, they now will have issues getting into the CFP, even if they do win against Alabama in the SEC title game next weekend. Elsewhere, there was pure insanity also going on on the day. Coastal Carolina, who had beaten BYU in an all-ranked affair last weekend, managed to score a touchdown in the closing moments of the game to see off Troy. And in another extremely ‘2020’ finish, Ball State hung on against Western Michigan. It was like the famous ‘the band is on the field play’ except there was no band. It’s too much to describe, but you have to check it out. Other notable results included #9 Georgia rocking #25 Missouri 49-14, #17 North Carolina hammering #10 Miami 62-26, and #21 Colorado losing to unranked Utah 38-21.

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