What is The CrawsOver Pro-Am? LeBron James to headline Seattle event after Drew League appearance

LeBron James is running a pro-am gauntlet after the Lakers missed the playoffs last season.

After participating in the Drew League earlier in the offseason, James will play in Jamal Crawford’s The CrawsOver in Seattle this weekend, Crawford announced Friday.

James, fresh off signing a two-year contract extension with the Lakers, will join the likes of Dejounte Murray, Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren at the event.

James confirmed his intention with a tweet of his own, showing enthusiasm to be back in Seattle for the first time in over 15 years. In a city that’s starving for pro basketball, James’ presence is sure to draw a massive crowd.

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What is The CrawsOver Pro-Am?

The CrawsOver Pro-Am is a league of pro and amateur basketball players created by former NBA guard Jamal Crawford.

Crawford, who played in the NBA for 20 years and is known as one of the best ball-handlers in NBA history, rebranded the league from the Seattle Pro-Am, which is what it was called when it was founded in 1996. Former NBA player Doug Christie was the league’s founder.

Games are played at the Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. Admission is free.

Why is LeBron James playing?

James is no stranger to pro-ams, but this offseason in particular he seems to be trying to make more appearances. The superstar played in the Drew League earlier this summer.

James noted that he hasn’t played in Seattle for more than 15 years, which checks out. The last time he played in there was Jan. 16, 2007, in a Cavaliers loss to the Sonics.

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What else to look for at The CrawsOver Pro-Am

While James playing will always take precedence, also watch for new installments in the feud between Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero.

New Hawks guard Murray and No. 1 overall pick Banchero got into it earlier in the summer, when Murray thought Banchero was getting cocky above his station after being drafted.

Murray, meanwhile, has been gloating every chance he gets this summer.

If these two play each other again, it will undoubtedly be an interesting showdown.

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How to watch The CrawsOver Pro-Am

Although people at the event will be streaming it, there isn’t an official way to watch The CrawsOver Pro-Am in Seattle. There will, however, be a definite way for fans to watch James play: through the NBA App and NBA.com

According to the event website, doors will open at 11:45 a.m. PT and admission is free.

Therefore, locals will have a chance to go, but expect the gym to be packed. Official accounts of the pro-am will likely also provide updates.

The Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle has a listed capacity of 2,500 for basketball

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