What It Means If You See a Woman Wearing a ‘Wedding Ring’ on Her Pinky

wedding ring on pinky

Traditionally, rings are most often used to symbolize that someone is either engaged or married. These rings, as we know, are worn on the left hand next to the pinky. Have you noticed a wedding ring on a pinky finger lately? This is what those rings stand for.

Wedding Ring on a Pinky Finger: A Different Commitment

In reality, the wedding ring on a pinky finger isn’t a wedding ring at all: It’s a promise ring, but instead of to another person, it’s a promise ring to ones’ self. 

Melody Godfred and Samira Far, co-founders of Fred + Far jewelry, created the pinky ring. These rings are for all women – no matter what their relationship status – to remind them to also commit to themselves. (1)

Image Credit: Fred + Far / Facebook

“Why a Pinky Ring? Because the Pinky is often overlooked, and yet extremely powerful (just like us). Without it you would lose 50% of your hand strength (really). When I created the Self Love Pinky Ring the Pinky was the obvious choice. A finger I never wear a ring on, and the strongest finger I have. The perfect finger to remind me not to overlook myself. The finger right next to my ring finger, which gets all the glory, but isn’t half as glorious as the Pinky.” they wrote in a Facebook photo caption. (2)

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Inspired By the Female Form

The pair created the rings to celebrate everything female. Every ring has a lab-made white sapphire in the shape of an inverse triangle. According to Far, this shape is a symbol of feminine power. (3)

Image Credit: Fred + Far

The inclusion of the sparkling stone sets them apart from other pinky rings you can buy, which are usually just a stoneless band. (3)

“Most pinky rings are either inspired by traditional men’s signet rings, or are simply thin little bands,” said Far. (3)

Ethically Made

What’s even better is that these rings are ethically made in Los Angeles. Made entirely locally, the stones are completely conflict-free. (3)

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The rings range in price from $150 to $350, depending on what you are getting. While they are certainly much less expensive than your average engagement ring, the price is not insignificant. (1)

The brand is hoping to expand into other categories to continue spreading their message as much as they can. (3)

What do you think? Would you purchase a self-love pinky ring?

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