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What’s In A Name? 32 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

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Lada Gaga was not born with that name!

A title is everything in the entertainment business. Therefore for these celebrities who changed their names, choosing the right moniker to go by is as important as talent itself.

It is a decision as enormous as they come.

As you will see through our list of celebrities who changed their names, each has their own reason. Whatever the reason for an AKA, their shared passion for making it big eclipsed their devotion to the name their momma gave ‘em.

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Many are pop culture icons—such as Tom Cruise. A large majority of these celebrities who changed their names chose impeccably as one would never think it was a fabricated name—take a certain princess for example (Meghan Markle).

Shakespeare famously asked, “What’s in a name?” That answer, when it comes to the entertainment business is…everything.

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These stars who changed their names emerge from all walks of life and range from Hollywood’s icons to envelope-pushers such as Iggy Azalea.

Read on to see who they are!

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