When do schools break up for summer 2022? Holiday start dates across UK

With summer officially here, attention turns to the summer holidays, an opportunity to wisk your family away to (even) warmer climes – but when do the holidays begin?

The school holidays are just over a month away
The school holidays are just over a month away

The heat is here. Summer has officially arrived on these British shores and, frankly, it feels like nothing else matters.

The weather dominates everything, as suddenly every head in the UK swivels to face the nearest swimming pool – or at least imagines one.

But pools in the UK are notoriously hard to come by, the fanciful playthings of the uber-wealthy. You could always go public, of course, but brace yourself for screaming children, milky water, long queues, and maybe even a poo at the side of the pool.

Your next best option may well be to cut your losses and get out of dodge – pack it all in for a week and scamper off to a foreign coastline.

But this is easier said than done because, as much as you may want to reading this, you can’t just leave the children behind.

When are the school summer holidays?

The weather in England is boiling and people are desperate to be near a pool


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The school summer holidays for 2022 are just around the corner, kicking off for most parts of England on July 22, 2022.

This means most kids need to just make it to July 21 before the long summer stretches ahead of them, and school need not come into their thoughts for the best part of a month and a half.

From this point onwards, the children of the England will have until September 1 to frolic freely through fields of wheat, making memories in the haze of the late summer sun.

It’s even sooner in Scotland as kids will break up on June 30, while in Northern Ireland schools are let out on July 1.

In Wales the school holidays begin on or around July 22. Some areas like Powys will be as early as July 18.

What are the remaining holiday dates for 2022?

After the summer, children in England will return to school on or around September 1, but they will need to wait until Friday October 21 for their next holiday away from the classroom.

At this point, they will have a week’s half term to put their feet up, learn the cello, a new language, or watch every episode of Stranger Things.

They will head back to the classroom a week later on October 31 where they will remain until around December 16 when the Christmas holidays begin.

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