Who Is American Idol’s Jack Blocker? The Season 22 Finalist Almost Didn’t Make It Past Auditions

Jack Blocker is one of the talented singers in the top 3 of season 22 of American Idol. He will get to sing for viewer votes one last time during the May 19, 2024, finale.

Who Is American Idol’s Jack Blocker?

Jack is a singer and graphic designer from Dallas, Texas, who now lives in Nashville Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2021 with a degree in communications.

While pursuing his music career, Jack has been working as a freelance graphic designer. “Contracting freelance design projects for musicians, independent record labels, companies, and non-profit organizations,” his LinkedIn says. “Work includes logo design and brand identity for corporate clients as well as illustration and graphic work for creative clients.”

Before auditioning for American Idol, Jack was a member of the band Rightfield, which seemingly disbanded amid his success on the show. They were active from 2018 until 2024, according to an Instagram post.

In addition to singing, Jack also writes his own songs, and auditioned for Idol with an original tune. After he sang for the judges, he initially did not advance to the Hollywood round, as he only got a “yes” vote from Luke Bryan, while Katy Perry and Lionel Richie told him “no.” However, Lionel eventually had a change of heart after some persuading from Luke and host Ryan Seacrest. Jack was called back into the audition room and was told Lionel would now be voting “yes,” which meant the Texas native was moving on in the competition.

Is American Idol’s Jack Blocker Married?

Jack is married to his high school sweetheart, Georgia Autrey. They met at Trinity Christian Academy in Texas and now live together in Nashville. The couple tied the knot in June 2021.

who is american idols jack blocker season 22 finalist

Georgia works as an audit and cyber security consultant at Elevate, according to her LinkedIn. Like Jack, she attended the University of Arkansas. She was an accounting major and graduating in 2020, but stayed an extra year to obtain her master’s degree in professional accounting, assurance and analytics.

What Genre of Music Does American Idol’s Jack Blocker Sing?

Jack has said he doesn’t like to pigeonhole himself into just one genre. He considers himself to be an Americana singer-songwriter, according to an interview with Parade.

“I have a pretty wide variety with my music taste of what I enjoy listening to,” he shared. “I’m not a pop singer but I listen to pop music, I listen to rock music. I like to sing these songs because I like to sing in my bedroom. I sang a song by The Weeknd tonight. If I try to sound like The Weeknd, I sound dumb. So, I sing it enough times until I like the way it sounds, and I end up sounding a little more like myself.”

who is american idols jack blocker season 22 singer

He also admitted to having “zero expectation” of winning American Idol when he auditioned. “Just being able to be on a platform like this is a blessing,” he shared. “It’s hard. I’ve been writing music for a long time, and finding a platform of people that are going to listen to your songs is the hardest part.”

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