Why was fake Klay Thompson banned for life from Warriors games? Impersonator ‘deliberately deceived’ Chase Center employees while sneaking into arena

The Golden State Warriors had a huge Game 5 win over the Celtics to go up 3-2 in the NBA Finals, but one notable fan wasn’t in the building to see it.

Youtuber “BigDawsTV,” aka Dawson Gurley, whose claim to fame is vaguely resembling Klay Thompson, was escorted from the arena after infiltrating multiple layers of security at Chase Center to end up warming up on the court ahead of Game 5. The content creator released a video documenting his road into the Chase Center, including how he got past security to let him in and, eventually, onto the floor.

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Here’s the video, in full. Be warned, it’s 15 minutes long.

The video begins with fake Klay Thompson arriving at Chase Center in Warriors warm-ups and passing through security, seemingly unfazed, with a cameraman in toe. After breezing past five layers of security, he eventually made it to the court and began shooting. He was eventually escorted off and out of the building by security, who was fairly lighthearted as she escorted the content creator out. Fake Klay remained on the premises outside and continued the dupe with fans and TV crews. Throughout the video Warriors security people tell Gurley he’s being watched by Golden State personnel.

Eventually, the Chase Center’s vice president of security — as he’s cited in the video — serves Gurley with a letter, which indicated a lifetime ban from the arena. Despite repeatedly saying he was just looking for the team shop, the ban appears to stand, and the Warriors’ representative threatens him with trespassing charges.

Daws also asks if he’ll be refunded for his $10,000 tickets, to which the official was noncommittal.

Who is Fake Klay Thompson?

Dawson Gurley has been around the Warriors organization for a while. He started to crop up around 2017, when the Warriors dynasty was starting to reach full swing.

The day after that tweet, he released a video called “Pretending to be Klay Thompson,” in which he, well, pretended to be Klay Thompson behind the Warriors bench.

Why do this?

Good question! It appears that impersonating celebrities is becoming a bit of a niche subculture. Perhaps “Fake Drake” rings a bell? That situation has gotten so out of control he’s now booking nightclub gigs.

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Gurley has repeatedly said it’s security’s fault for letting him on the floor

This isn’t the first time an NBA fan has snuck onto the floor. Comedian Tony Roberts was escorted off the floor by the Pelicans in 2018 when he was doing shootaround with the team, though he was extremely performative.

It’s unclear what happens next for Gurley. However, there are still 29 arenas in which he hasn’t been banned from entering.

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