Why Was Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn’s Husband Christian Arrested? Updates on Multiple Arrests

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn’s husband, Christian Richard, was arrested on March 19, 2024, on suspicion of domestic violence, Life & Style confirmed. The police have since returned to Christine’s house and arrested Christian a second time after his initial release.

Why Was Christine Quinn’s Husband Christian Richard Arrested?

At around 2:00 p.m. PT, Christian, whose legal last name is Dumontet, was photographed being escorted from the home he shares with Christine while wearing a bathrobe. He was handcuffed at the time. TMZ confirmed that he was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

“The suspect threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the victim, missed the victim but hit the victim’s child, causing injury,” a spokesperson from the Los Angeles ​Police Department said in a statement to Page Six. ​“The child was seen by paramedics but not transported to hospital.”

Christine and Christian share a son, also named Christian, who was born in May 2021.

Why Was Christian Richard ​Arrested Twice in Less than 48 Hours?

Following the ​incident, Christian was released after posting a $30,000 bail and ​Christine was granted a ​seven-day emergency protective order. On March 20, 2024, Christian was arrested for the second time in a 48-hour span for violating the protective order, Life & Style confirmed on March 21, 2024.

Christian posted a second $30,000 bond and was released later that day, according to L.A. County ​Sheriff’s records obtained by The Daily Mail. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 11, 2024, according to online records viewed by Life & Style.

Christine Quinn’s Husband Christian Richard's Arrests: Updates
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Christine Quinn Claimed Christian Richard ‘Faked a Suicide Attempt’

Details regarding Christine’s restraining order placed against Christian emerged on March 27, 2024. The ​former reality star claimed that Christian once faked a suicide attempt to “test” her love for him.

“[He] faked a suicide attempt to see if I cared about him. [Richard] became angry at me, questioning why I needed to work, asserting that he was providing for everything,” Christine said in the filing, according to Page Six. “That night, in our hotel room, I watched [Richard] pour handfuls of pills [and] appear to shove them into his mouth, with pills flying out of his hands and spilling on the floor, and then tell me he was dying. When I asked him what he wanted me to do, he told me, ‘Just stay with me.’ When I asked him what pills he took and how many, so I could help him, he just told me he took many other pills that day.”

Christine continued, “I was terrified that [Richard] had poisoned and endangered himself. After what felt like an hour of [Richard] apparently falling in and out of consciousness and me being terrified, he suddenly appeared sober again and said, ‘You passed the test, you really do love me.’ When I realized that he had faked the whole thing, I became very afraid of [Richard], and what else he could potentially do.”

When Did Christine Quinn Marry Christian Richard?

Christine and Christian married on December 15, 2019. The couple celebrated their nuptials with a winter wonderland-themed wedding with gothic vibes that was shown in Selling Sunset. Christian and Christine’s wedding took place at a Catholic cathedral located in downtown Los Angeles.

How Did Christine Quinn and Christian Richard Meet?

The pair met through a mutual friend shortly after the Netflix star finished filming Selling Sunset season 1. Christian had gone on a date with the friend, but when they didn’t develop a connection, the friend suggested Christine and Christian go out together.

“And then she’s like, ‘Also, he’s looking for a house.’ And I was like: double bonus,” Christine explained to Bustle in an interview published on May 26, 2020. “[He] and I had an amazing steak dinner and got to know each other, and we just hit it off right away. He’s everything that I ever wanted.”

Christine Quinn’s Husband Filed a Temporary Restraining Order

On March 26, 2024, TMZ reported that Christian’s attorney had filed a temporary restraining order against Christine. In the court documents obtained by the publication, Christian claimed that he and his wife argued over their two dogs defecating and urinating in their home because Christine allegedly refused to train them to be housebroken. He claimed that he discovered that the dogs had urinated on “valuable belongings of his.”

When he went to confront Christine about it, Christian alleged that he found her in their bedroom attempting to clean up a mess. He claimed that he became angry and picked up a trash bag that was allegedly filled with rags and paper towels, not glass, and threw the bag at the wall. Christian denied throwing the bag at Christine and their son. He also claimed that he tried to remove their son from the room, but Christine took the boy and hid with him in another area of the house before police arrived.

Christian claimed that Christine filed a false police report and fabricated the domestic abuse claims in order to have leverage in a divorce and to embarrass him. A judge has not yet approved his restraining order request, according to TMZ.

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