Woman accused of discrimination as she doesn’t want husbands on Taylor Swift girls’ trip

A woman says she’d been looking forward to a weekend trip away with two of her friends but was surprised to learn they intended to bring their husbands along with them

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They had managed to get tickets for a Taylor Swift concert (Stock Photo)

A woman is now having second thoughts about a weekend trip with two of her friends after they announced they’d be bringing their husbands along too. After getting hold of Taylor Swift tickets for the three of them, in a different city, the excited woman had been looking forward to what she’d assumed would be a ‘girls’ trip’.

One of her pals had managed to get hold of six tickets in the presale, while she’d managed to get two. She had initially intended to sell the leftover tickets and make back a bit of money to cover the cost of her ‘very expensive floor seat’, but her friends had other ideas.

She had assumed it would be just the three of them (Stock Photo)


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One week after making their fun plans, one of her friends announced both her husband and her other friend’s husband might be coming along too, leaving her feeling ‘quite shocked and confused’. On top of this, she also revealed she’d already sold one ticket to a person outside of their group.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/Starfish549075, the ticked-off Taylor Swift fan wrote: “In the scenario of their husbands coming, I would be the fifth wheel.

“I told her that is not what I thought the weekend/concert situation would be like and that it would’ve been nice to discuss this before she sold a ticket so I could’ve brought someone too. I said if that’s the case it’s fine, I would just use the two tickets I have so I can bring someone, everyone would be happy.”

She continued: “Well the next day she went off on me saying I was being manipulative and trying to control who could come, and ‘discriminating based on gender’ because I said thought it would be a girls’ weekend. I obviously meant a friends’ weekend, i.e. not couples/bringing our husbands.”

Her friend now refuses to speak with her following the heated discussion. Although she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong by speaking up, she has come to question herself given how upset her pal is.

One sympathetic Reddit user advised: “Use your own tickets, bring someone you can enjoy the show with, without having to deal with people springing plan changes on you at the last minute.”

Another commented: “As a single woman, I’ve been in a lot of situations like this. I will tell the other person when I want something to be ‘girl time’ only. I make sure to say that when the planning of the event begins. To nurture relationships you have to spend quality time together.”

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