Woman befriends pigeon in pub beer garden – then takes it home with her

Hannah Hall has become an internet sensation after documenting her unlikely friendship with a pigeon, saying the pair met in a pub beer garden and soon hit it off

The Rose and Crown pub in Nottinghamshire
Hannah befriended a pigeon in the Rose and Crown pub

A woman has become an internet sensation after befriending a pigeon in a pub’s beer garden – as the pair hit it off and she took the bird home with her.

Hannah Hall, an NHS worker, was enjoying a few bank holiday drinks with some friends when a curious pigeon caught their attention, as Nottinghamshire Live reports.

One of her friends has a phobia of birds, so Hannah bravely offered to sit between them – but then the pigeon hopped onto her and joined the group.

Hannah, from Nottingham, then began documenting their blossoming friendship, and now she’s racked up 40,000 followers on social media.

Hannah Hall said she’s really bonded with the pigeon


Nottinghamshire Live)

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Hannah, who was out with friends in the Rose and Crown pub, said: “I wasn’t even going to go out but my mum said ‘go on, go and see your friends’.

“I didn’t really notice him at first. I told my friend that she could swap with me, so we swapped places. He just comes on my knee all of a sudden and he stayed there for about three and a half hours. In the end, he was almost tucking himself into my jacket.”

Hannah was approached by a member of staff who told her the bird had been mistreated, and a group of girls came into the beer garden asking if anyone had seen a pigeon.

They explained they had seen someone interfering with the bird at another pub, throwing the pigeon into the air to “make him fly” because they “thought it was funny”.

Hannah told them she had the bird in question with her while her group was having a drink.

She continued: “They said they couldn’t believe I had actually got him.

Some said the bird had been mistreated earlier in the day


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Hannah has been told by experts that pigeons are domesticated birds who do go to humans for help when they feel they are in trouble.

Now, she believes the pigeon wanted to be looked after by somebody that day.

After taking him home, Hannah wasn’t sure if her new friend would even make it through the night – but now he appears to be getting healthier and stronger.

Despite letting him out in the garden and giving him the opportunity to leave, the pigeon has chosen to stay by Hannah’s side and remain at the house for the past week.

She added: “We have really, really bonded. I’m going to take him to my vet to find out for sure if he is a boy or a girl and to get his injuries checked over.”

Hannah is then going to let her new followers and anyone following the story help choose a name via social media. “I feel a big responsibility now,” she laughs. “I need to keep everyone informed now. I didn’t really think that it would get that kind of response.”

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