Woman gets boyfriend’s name tattooed on chest – but people say relationship won’t last

The unconventional show of affection has left many people gobsmacked as the the boyfriend’s reaction was rather lacklustre – viewers have questioned whether the relationship will last but others have pointed out one reason it might work out

Woman smiling
The woman surprised her boyfriend with a large tattoo

When it comes to showing your unwavering commitment to your partner, marriage is usually the first thing that springs to mind. But others choose a slightly less conventional way to display their affection when they dedicate a tattoo to their other half.

Some ink lovers opt for an abstract tattoo with a hidden meaning between them and their partner, while others go all out with initials or even full-blown names inked into their skin. One woman has shocked her boyfriend by getting his name tattooed in a bold place – and the reaction to the large inking was not the one she had hoped for.

Amber, 18, got a chest tattoo


darraghandamber529/Tik Tok)

Her boyfriend Darragh was shocked


darraghandamber529/Tik Tok)

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Amber and Darragh have left people bewildered with their unusual show of commitment with many convinced that it was a bad idea.

Taking to TikTok to reveal Darragh’s reaction, the couple, who post under the name @ darraghandamber529 on the platform, posted a clip of the moment he saw his loved one’s tattoo – leaving thousands of viewers gobsmacked by the awkward interaction.

The video is part of a trend that has recently gone viral on the social media app where couples reveal their tattoo to their partners, using Beyoncé’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ song as a backing track with the lyrics ‘tattoo my name across your heart’ for dramatic effect.

In the clip, the young couple are seen in front of the camera together before the striking reveal. The 18-year-old girlfriend proceeds to mime the lyrics to the song before unveiling her chest tattoo by unzipping her jacket.

Darragh’s reaction was one of complete disbelief as he stared at the bold tattoo, as his mouth stays open in shock while Amber laughs.

He is seen saying “what?” over and over before getting a closer look at the fresh ink, which is wrapped in clingfilm on Amber’s chest.

Darragh then gets a closer look before showing another wildly shocked expression when looking towards the camera.

The viral footage, which has amassed 11.9 million views on the platform, has left some TikTok users questioning the longevity of the couple’s relationship as Darragh’s reaction was far from romantic.

One commenter said of the boyfriend’s reaction: “He like ‘I didn’t know we were taking the relationship this serious'”.

Another echoed the same joke, saying: “S*** how am I gonna break up with her now”.

Others suggested that Amber will grow to regret the major ink, with one writing: “The regret this girl is gonna have in a while”.

Another added: “It will turn into a flower in 2 years”.

Loyal fans of the couple were quick to point out a surprising twist in the tattoo tale, as it transpires that Darragh actually got a tattoo dedicated to Amber first, in the same place on his chest.

The couple posted another viral clip in May where this time Darrah mimed the lyrics and revealed his own tattoo – much to the shock of Amber.

Now that the couple both have name tattoos dedicated to each other, it’s an even playing field for the pair.

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