Woman gobsmacked after ordering fancy frock online – but what turned up was ridiculous

The woman was horrified as the dress was a completely different colour to the one that she’d originally ordered – and she wasn’t impressed in the slightest

The dress looked completely different in real life
The dress looked completely different in real life

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Ordering something online and thinking we’re going to look just like the model in it. But for that to happen, the outfit would need to be at least a little bit similar to the one advertised.

That’s why one woman was so gobsmacked when her online order arrived and it was nothing like what she ordered, and the dress looked worlds away from the one seen on the model. In the original picture, the golden dress was figure-hugging and super flattering with everything cinched in the perfect places and the model looked super glamorous.

Delivia then posted on TikTok what actually turned up – despite the fact she gave the company her measurements so it should’ve fit like a glove…in theory.

In reality, the dress that turned up was a hot pink colour with yellow gold embellishments. The sleeves were ill-fitting, it didnt’ fit her body correctly and looked like she’d tried a dress on that was far too big for her.

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Over the photo she posted a broken heart emoji and a crying emoji. She captioned the video: “This is wickedness, as if they didn’t take my measurement.”

People were sympathetic to the woman, confused at how the dress could look so different.

One wrote: “The way my jaw dropped”, followed by crying emojis.

“I almost choked laughing”, another joked.

Others suggested getting the garment adjusted so it would fit better.

“This dressmaker needs to find another career cause I would have asked my money back”, one jibed.

Someone agreed, writing: “The seamstress didn’t try at all.”

“I’m laughing so hard tears are rolling from my eyes”, a TikToker wrote, whilst another said: “My mouth literally dropped open. I was like it can’t be that bad and then boommmm.”

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