Woman gobsmacked as ‘cheeky’ neighbour paints door without asking – and demands payment

A woman has shared her frustration after her new neighbours painted the front door of the apartment building without asking the other tenants – then demanded they all pay to cover costs

Displeased young woman visiting neighbour at the door
They’re demanding money from all the neighbours (stock photo)

Many people will have a cordial relationship with their neighbours, som might even be best friends and hang out all the time.

But then there are those neighbours from hell that make your home life an absolute misery.

One woman has recently shared how she’s got two new neighbours in her apartment building, who have purchased a property as an investment, to rent out.

Writing on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman told how she hadn’t met her new neighbours, but they’d already posted an advert to let their new home.

This isn’t what has bothered her though, it was instead that she returned home to find the front door to the building had been painted without any of the seven other tenants being consulted.

The neighbours painted the door black (stock photo)


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Worse still, the neighbours had painted it black – and were demanding everyone contribute £25 to cover the cost of them fixing up the door.

The woman’s post read: “I came home the other day to find the main door to the building had been painted. It was shabby before and could do with a coat but this was surprising since I hadn’t been consulted and it was a shared door.

“The new colour is black which I was always told was a bad omen. I really didn’t like it but didn’t want to make a fuss.

“They have now emailed us saying they want the flats to equally contribute £25. Lovely to meet you too.”

She goes on to explain that while it doesn’t sound like a lot of money, she’s heavily budgeting right now and this will eat a big chunk of her weekly allowance.

She added: “I just know if I send them the money I will be bitter about it and anxious that they may expect me to pay in the future without consenting me.

“If asked, I would have reluctantly agreed to have it painted just not black. Is there any way I can get away with not paying and not entirely ruin any relationship with them?”

One person replied: “Could you ask how many quotes they got? How they decided on the colour as you seem to have missed that consultation.”

Another said: “That’s really cheeky of them. They should have got agreement from all the flats before going ahead. I’d email back to point that out, and just say unfortunately you don’t have the budget right now. But if you do offer to pay, ask to see a copy of invoice from the painters and any other quotes they got for comparison. I bet you won’t be the only one p***ed off at this and refusing/unable to pay.”

A third added: “They were out of order painting the communal door without asking and quite cheeky to then charge. But it isn’t much. I would just pay it this time but say in future these jobs need to be discussed first.”

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