Woman gutted after paying £240 ‘for a sleeve’ after ordering dress online

A woman suffered an epic online shopping fail after paying £240 ‘for a sleeve’ after ordering a glam dress, as it arrived and was clearly far too small for anyone to wear

A woman online shopping
The woman thought she was ordering a dress online

An online shopper was left gutted after ordering a glam dress online for £240 – as all that was delivered was a ‘sleeve’ and there was no way she could fit into it.

Twitter user Seek, @SeekTheFinds, shared a snap of the item that arrived and said she must have been ‘hallucinating’ the word dress in the description as it was far too small for anyone to wear.

The garment, which was designed with sections tied together after being cut, can barely fit on the woman’s arm and looks tight even there.

After sharing the picture online, the Twitter user was soon inundated with comments as one user joked she should put the ‘dress’ in water so it will expand.

It looked better in the advert

At least she tried it on



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Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “So I thought I was ordering a dress… Turns out I spent $300 (£240) on a sleeve. Wtf.”

She showed an image of an advert for the item, and it was described as a dress with ‘cut-out detailing’, ‘bead embellishment’, and an ‘asymmetric neckline’.

She continued: “The price was too good to be true. But am I hallucinating at the word DRESS in the title?”

After sharing the online shopping mishap, the Twitter user was soon inundated with comments.

One user said: “You better squeeze yourself into that dress sleeve… $300?!”

And another joked: “Ordered a sleeveless dress and they sent a dressless sleeve.”

Then a third added: “You’re supposed to put it in water so it’ll expand.”

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