Woman hits back at trolls who slammed her baby’s ‘unique’ name

TikTok user Jasmine Chiswell, who works as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, was blasted online after she named her son Midnight, and now she’s hit back at trolls

TikTok star Jasmine Chiswell
TikTok star Jasmine Chiswell has hit back at trolls

A woman has hit back at trolls who slammed the name she chose for her first child – as they wanted to know what she would have chosen for a girl

TikTok star Jasmine Chiswell is social-media famous thanks to her work as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, but she caused a stir with her fans after sharing her son’s name.

Jasmine and her husband, Maverick McNeilly, named their son Midnight, and she received countless negative comments and messages about the choice.

Now she has taken to social media to share the names she would have chosen if she was having a girl, to take ownership of the issue away from internet bullies.

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Jasmine created a video specifically to address the question, and took ownership of the issue before anyone could make fun of her choice.

She captioned the clip ‘answering one of our most asked questions’, and said: “Oh my goodness, ok let me tell you.

“So before we knew we were expecting a boy we had already chosen a few names if it was a girl.

“One of the first ones was Rose, because we just really thought the name was cute a nd the other one was Scarlett because we thought that was cute, too.

“And I think that was all our choices so, yeah, that would have been it!”

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Jasmine’s video has been viewed over two million times and she’s had thousands of comments, mostly from people who have praised her name choices.

One said: “Scarlett Rose Chiswell is SUCH a pretty name.”

Then another added: “I have a suggestion Dawn, to go with midnight.”

And a third wrote: “Maybe if your next baby is a girl, the name could match midnight. Like daylight, twilight, aurora, or dusk. Those would be beautiful.”

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