Woman ‘humiliated’ after marrying wrong man as power cut knocked out the lights

A family were left in hot water after a marriage went wrong as a powercut caused confusion and a bride married the wrong groom, leaving everyone ‘humiliated’ by the mishap

An Indian bride and groom
A woman married the wrong man after a mix up at a wedding ceremony

A woman was left ‘humiliated’ after marrying the wrong man after a power cut knocked out the lights at their wedding ceremony, according to local reports.

The bizarre mixup occurred as the dad, Rameshlal Railot, based in the Madhya Pradesh state in India, arranged for his son and three daughters to all get married on the same day – and all the women wore the same type of dress.

Their faces were also covered with a veil, in keeping with local traditions, and when they went to the pre-wedding function there was a power cut and the service was thrown into disarray.

Instead of cancelling and reorganising the wedding, the dad ploughed on and one daughter named Nikita, accidentally swapped grooms with her sister and ended up marrying the wrong man.

A power cut plunged their wedding into chaos


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The unusual incident came to light after a local report went viral on social media, then a wedding guest spoke to The Independent.

They said that Nikita, was due to marry a man named Bhola, but ended up bagging her sister Karishma’s groom-to-be, Ganesh.

An uncle of the bride said one woman did indeed marry the wrong man due to a power failure, which he described as a regular occurrence in the village.

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He said: “They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the [mixup] happened for one of the rituals.”

“It is insulting for us — because of a power failure we suffered this humiliation.”

He said that the ceremony ‘continued as planned’ with the right wedding partner as soon as the power came back on.

Other guests said that the power coming back on at the last minute reconfirmed their faith in the saying that matches are made in heaven.

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