Woman kicks mother-in-law out after she chucks away dinner she made

A woman claims she was absolutely furious after her mother-in-law chucked the meal she’d been cooking for them straight in the bin, pretending it was burned, and ordered her out of the house

Food being scraped into the bin (Stock Photo)
She came down from a shower to find her cooking had been scraped into the bin (Stock Photo)

A woman claims she ordered her mother-in-law straight out of the house during what was supposed to be a relaxing family dinner, after discovering she’d chucked the food she’d made for her straight in the bin.

According to this incensed woman, she’d just about finished cooking the meal at around 7pm, when her mother-in-law arrived.

Her husband was finishing up some work in his office, and after welcoming and greeting her, the home cook nipped upstairs for a quick shower.

When she returned 20 minutes later, she was initially confused to see the pot she’d been cooking with had been removed from the stove, with another put in its place.

Her mother-in-law explained the food had gotten burnt, claiming she must have forgotten to turn the hob off, and so she decided to rustle something up herself.

However, after having a root around in the bin, she quickly discovered the food was not burnt in the slightest. In fact, some parts of it were still raw.

She says the food was still raw, and not burnt at all (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit for advice, the irate daughter-in-law – who goes by the username u/acc5323456 – wrote: “I lost my ever-loving c*** on her because this isn’t the first time, not the second time but the third time she’d done this.

“Now y’all be telling me this is a coincidence but I don’t think so. I yelled at her saying she should have never touched my dinner that I spent time and effort making and then lie about why she threw it out just because she hates my cooking.

“My husband got involved and told me to ‘take it easy’ because his mum ‘meant well’. I said no she didn’t think told her to leave my house right there and then.”

After a bit of arguing, the mother-in-law eventually left, after which point the woman’s husband “blew up” at her, accusing her of kicking his mum out for “literally cooking us dinner.” However, she feels he’s completely missed the point.

She continued: “I said that there was already dinner cooking but she threw it out and it wasn’t even burnt! He called me unhinged then went upstairs then had the whole dinner his mum cooked for himself.

“I ended up eating yogurt and dates for dinner which was awful because I was starving.”

One fellow Reddit user advised: “You have a husband problem first, and a mother-in-law problem second. Deal with the husband and present a unified front, or this will escalate.”

Another warned: “That was no coincidence. That was a power play from a mother-in-law determined to undermine you. Time for your husband to wake up.

“In no world should he be taking her side in this and if he believes that she ‘meant well’ he’s missing a few cards from his deck. That wasn’t a misunderstanding and if someone was unhinged it definitely wasn’t you.”

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