Woman left looking like she has ‘horns’ after paying for cosmetic surgery

A woman said she was left filled with regret after paying for ‘fox eye’ cosmetic surgery, and after sharing an image of her new look online others said it looked like she had horns

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TikToker left with ‘horns’ after botched Fox Eye surgery

A woman was filled with regret after paying for a cosmetic surgery that left her looking like she had ‘horns’.

TikTok star Jessie Carr said that she wanted to have ‘fox eye surgery’ to achieve a look pioneered by many celebs including Danielle Lloyd.

The surgery sees biodegradable threads surgically inserted to lift the eyes, but for Jessie, something went wrong and she was left with a look she didn’t like.

She shared a video of the results online and soon others said it looked like she had horns, and Jessie herself said: “I can’t take myself seriously.”

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Taking to TikTok, where she uploads as @_jessiecarr, Jessie said: “These fox eye threads really are my biggest regret.

“It’s definitely not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking botched like this! They initially swelled up really, really intensely. I looked like MegaMind.

“They popped a blood vessel during the procedure, I blew up for a couple of weeks, I was pretty bad. Once the swelling went down I noticed that my eyebrows had lifted and I was so happy with them.”

Jessie said that eventually the swelling went down but she now needs to have the threads dissolved, and she’s asking for a discount.

TikTok star Jessie Carr was told it looked like she had ‘horns’



She said: “They gave me a partial refund and then a couple of weeks after that I noticed that I had bumps on my head and my threads were popping out and I realised and thought that it would go away but it didn’t so then I went back for another check-up.”

“Now I’m going through a procedure called the Ultaformer, it’s supposed to dissolve the threads and I’m also taking anti-inflammatory pills to try to dull down the inflammation.

“It’s not promised that it will dissolve the thread but it is something that could help dissolve it. It is a gradual result so I’m hoping that that will make a difference.

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“After two sessions I’m hoping it will bring them down but I’m not sure if it will 100 per cent work. So I’ve been through a lot with my fox eye threads and it’s definitely not worth it.

“Definitely don’t recommend it.”

She wasn’t happy with her new look and asked for a refund



This wasn’t the look that Jessie was going for



After sharing her video online, Jessie had over a million views and countless people had commented on the clip.

One said: “Girl embrace your horns, they are cool.”

Another added: “Girl you literally paid for horns.”

And a third wrote: “Horns will appear there.”

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