Woman makes cheating boyfriend pay for her nose job – only for him to cheat again

After her boyfriend cheated on her for the first time, a woman told him she’d stay with him as long as he paid for her nose job. He agreed, but later cheated on her for a second time

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TikToker persuades cheating boyfriend to pay for her nose job

Finding out your partner has been unfaithful can be very painful indeed, and many couples will feel there’s no going forward from this point. However, one scorned woman had a very specific request in mind when pondering how exactly her cheating boyfriend could make things up to her.

Having wanted a nose job, the mistreated girlfriend agreed she would stay with him as long as he paid for the surgery himself, arguing that it was only fair given that he’d caused her to have “insecurities.” Unfortunately, as previously reported by the Daily Star, her disloyal other half ended up cheating on her again, having apparently not learned his lesson the first time around.

Although he cheated again, she feels it was still “worth it”



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Taking to TikTok, the deceived woman – who goes by the username @userg01728011 – shared a video in which she opened up about her dilemma, including a post-op pic as proof.

She said: “I told the guy that I would continue to see him, but he would have to pay for my nose job that I really wanted because he caused me to have insecurities. Also, I didn’t want my time to be wasted because what if he cheats on me again?”

She says the cheating had given her “insecurities”



After sharing photographic proof of her surgery, she revealed: “Yeah, he ended up cheating on me again, so, was it worth it? Yeah, it was.”

Taking to the comments section, with no regrets, she continued: “I ended up having him pay me for all the family trips we went on after the second time he cheated (my parents paid for those trips).”

The clip has since been viewed more than 2.1 million times and counting, and many followers have come forward with similar stories of their own.

One person recalled: “I asked for my rent to be paid until the lease was up when I got cheated on.”

Another commented: “I got cheated on but he still wanted to be with me so I let him buy me stuff and take me out on dates and then ghosted him as revenge.”

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