Woman mortified to learn the history of her couch – as people beg her to clean it

A woman was thrilled by her new Facebook Marketplace purchase, a circular sofa that appeared to be perfect for entertaining. Then she learned of its former purpose

Mallory on her new sofa
Mallory had no idea that her bargain purchase may have come with a few stories

A woman was delighted with her thrifty Facebook Marketplace purchase, taking to TikTok to show it off.

Clothes and thrifts find influencer Mallory initially marvelled at the curious shape of her new couch, asking her followers whether they’d “ever seen a round couch before”.

She’d found the quirky sofa on Facebook Marketplace for a relatively snippy £570, with the same piece listed for well over £3,000 online.

As Mallory explained, she’d recently moved to a new apartment in Chicago and was looking for a “funky” sofa to personalise her new space. She was impressed by the size of the piece, and liked that different sections could be pulled out and moved around.

She’d never seen a circular couch before. It soon emerged that a number of her fans had, but not in the sort of setting she’d imagined…

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Soon after she so proudly uploaded footage of her couch, Mallory – who goes by the username @malloryonthemoon – was in for a rude awakening.

Mallory learned from her followers that the sofa was in fact “marked down for a reason”, and told in no uncertain terms that she should “make sure to clean it”.

According to a number of her followers, the cool-looking finding was in fact a swingers’ couch, which had probably been “well-loved” by previous owners.

One person chuckled: “I’ve seen these at a swingers club and, man, they were not clothed on it!”

Another said: “The moment I saw this I thought of Austin Powers’ swinger couch.”

Others were just as innocent as Mallory had been, having never before heard of a swingers’ couch before reading through the many amused titters of the comments sections.

Mallory had never seen a round couch before, but some of her followers had



For those in the dark about such goings-on, swingers are people who choose to swap sexual partners or engage in group sex with other individuals or couples.

You can fill in the gaps of what exactly takes place on such “pleasure seeker sofas” for yourself from there.

In a follow-up video, Mallory laughed: “When you buy a couch on Facebook Marketplace and TikTok lets you know it was once a swingers’ couch”.

Fortunately for Mallory, followers have suggested various other benefits to her unique sofa, with one person suggesting she “remove the circle in the middle and replace it with a table so you can have a salsa dip night”.

Another wrote: “I genuinely didn’t think of that. Just how awesome a movie night with all my snacks on there would be”.

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