Woman Posts Summer Warning About Leaving Mirrors By Your Windows

Sometimes we’re either too busy basking in it or complaining about it (like when my car reached 36.5C yesterday) to recognise any dangers. We’re too busy applying our factor 50 to think about what else could be burning. Like your house, for instance:

The dramatic footage captures the magnifying mirror creating a smouldering burn and smoke after being left in direct sunlight at the 25-year-old’s open window.

We all know about the old Scout trick of using a mirror to start a fire – simply, you angle a mirror so the sun’s light shines through it, aimed at something flammable, and it can start a fire.

This is not one to try at home, not deliberately anyway.

So what effect does the sun have on mirrors and flammable objects? Broadly the same, actually, as Rebecca Thompson found out.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

Rebecca, a data and planning consultant, woke early on Sunday morning to enjoy the sunshine and left her bedroom to go for a quick shower.

But when she returned to her room 45 minutes later she noticed a funny smell and was shocked when she drew back her curtains to spot the mirror was burning the plastic of her window frame.

Horrified Rebecca, from Norwich, Norfolk, always does her makeup at the window for the best natural light and was terrified to realise how easily a fatal fire could be sparked by the mirror because of its magnifying lens.

Her shocking video footage of the smoking window frame has racked up 3.6 million Facebook views.

Rebecca said: “I woke up at about 6am and went about my morning routine.

“When I returned to my bedroom to complete my makeup, I smelled a plastic burning smell.

“I always do my makeup at the window for the best lighting.

So I thought nothing of the smell until I drew the curtains and my mirror was burning through the plastic on the window using the sunlight’s reflection.

“I wanted to catch a very short video to outline how dangerous this is and what it could have caused if I hadn’t have been there.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

“It’s easy to forget to move a mirror when in a rush and if you tend to use only one side of a mirror you just forget the other side is there.

“Depending on what the beam of sunlight was aimed at, the house could have burned down.

“If I had left the house, it would been a different story.”

Members of the public are advised not to keep magnifying beauty mirrors next to a window, because they can concentrate the sun’s rays, causing a nearby objects to set fire.

Stay safe out there, guys.

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